What are the associated costs for the service or installation of a vending machine solution?

There are no cost implications for our clients. All installation, refilling, cleaning, maintenance and all other company services are provided completely free of charge.

Can we decide what products the vending machines provide?

Prior to installation an Account Manager will provide you with a customer survey. This allows interaction with our service and acts as a suggestion box to facilitate requests. We welcome all suggestions to help complement our existing range of popular beverages and snack products.

Can we facilitate your service?

We tailor vending solutions to suit all environments. As site locations always differ in size – so too does our equipment range. Through consultation with our customers we can confirm the equipment that you require and the product range that is best suited to meet your needs.

How frequently will the vending machines be visited?

Machines will be serviced by a vending operator as often as is necessary. This can be up to a daily basis (including weekends) ensuring that no product is ever off sale. Your location will be added to an existing operated route. Upon stocking, our operators will implement our hygiene and preventative maintenance programs.

What happens if money is lost in a machine?

Our preventative maintenance program helps keep any machine errors to an absolute minimum. However, if in the unlikely scenario something happens - Executive Vending operates an immediate ‘no quibble’ refund policy.

What size companies benefit from your service?

Our client base ranges in size from small companies with 20-30 staff members to larger organisations with up to 5,000 employees. We often encourage prospective customers to visit existing clients to see how they benefit from our services. This can often prove invaluable in helping to understand how our services can work for you.