Healthcare Vending

Executive Vending is a trusted provider to hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres across Ireland. Our operated vending solutions provide convenient refreshment to health care staff, visitors and patients the length and breadth of Ireland.


Although hospitals are open 24 hours, 7 days a week their shops and catering facilities are not. Vending machines are relied upon more than ever in these circumstances to provide hot and cold beverages, food and snacks. This reliance makes identifying a professional vending operator with a strong track record even more important. Executive Vending’s Professional Service and Maintenance program is operational around the clock ensuring constant supply of product and unrivalled technical maintenance.

Our Fresh Food Vending machine range is the perfect choice for health care facilities. These always on, versatile machines are stocked with a comprehensive range sandwiches, meals and snacks available around the clock. Our robust Cold Drinks Vending Machines provide bottled and canned drinks with options to suit all ages and requirements. Our Coffee and Tea Vending Machines enable customers to get their favourite hot drinks in the morning and through the night.