Call Centre Vending

Executive Vending can rely on vast experience when it comes to providing a premium-operated service to the growing number of call centres in today’s modern workplace.

Executive Vending has intimate experience of the intricacies of the pressure and the pace of call centre environments. Ever changing shift work, short breaks, weekends and round the clock unsociable hours mean our complete vending solutions are heavily relied upon. Whether requiring a full meal, a light snack, hydrating refreshment or a cup of tea or coffee we can ensure that the performance of your staff is always complimented by our cost neutral catering alternatives.

Our involvement with call centres over the years has helped us to refine our service with our various machine offerings:

Our range of Coffee and Tea Vending Machines will help your employees stay alert and motivated round the clock. No need for staff members to exit the workplace in order to get a light snack at break time with our Snack Vending Machines. A large variety of water, soft drinks, juices and smoothies are available 24/7 form our Cold Drinks Vending Machines to help keep staff refreshed on the job. Most importantly, our Fresh Food Vending options will enable staff to access fresh healthy meals, sandwiches, breakfasts and pastries at any time or day of the working week.