Office Vending Solutions

Executive Vending is the preferred supplier of vending solutions to modern workplaces throughout the country. From café quality bean to cup coffee to gourmet fresh food, our cost neutral catering solutions are relied upon to see thousands of busy people through each working day. Our clients receive round the clock, 7-day service for all their vending and catering requirements. From multi-nationals with a large contingent of staff, to smaller companies, our consultative tailored coffee and vending solutions fit perfectly with our clients specific needs. Through experience and innovation, we have developed a product range, which meets perfectly the demands of the modern workplace.

Our team of operators are trained to the highest standard to ensure a seamless daily service, ensuring no distraction for our customers. Our operators adhere to a strict code of good hygiene practises covering food delivery and storage, personal hygiene and equipment cleaning and monitoring. See our Professional Service & Maintenance program. The allure of great tasting coffee does not require a trip to a high-street coffee shop. A self-service in-house coffee machine such as the WMF Presto and WMF Bistro will shorten the voyage for a caffeine fix! One’s daily infusion nowadays is easiest gotten from a café style vending machine rather than an overhyped coffee shop chain.

As every workplace has differing requirements, it is important to identify the right vending solution from the start. We carry a comprehensive range of snack, drinks and fresh food vending machines that we can tailor to suit your work environment perfectly. Hot beverage machines like the AP Studio Bean to Cup can offer your visitors and staff, café style menus, including fresh bean to cup coffee, fresh brew tea, fresh soup, and drinking chocolate, round the clock.

From utilizing the latest espresso technology on the WMF 1000! or Nestle Lioness for boardroom and reception areas, to chilled water fountains, to Snack Vending Machines and Fresh Food Vending machines stocked with your choice of popular confectionary and healthy snack options, we can advise on many ways to enhance the modern office environment.