Education Vending

Executive Vending has developed a comprehensive product range specifically focused at providing healthy and nutritious food options for schools, colleges and universities. Our unique experience in Fresh Food Vending enables us to provide health conscious eating for students of all ages that other operators simply cannot cater for.

Executive Vending has an ever evolving list of healthy options for those in education which includes: Smoothies and Juices, Fruit Pots and Salad Boxes, Pasta Dishes and Stews, Lasagnes and Pies, Fruit Portions and Yogurts, Scones and Pastries, Crackers and Noodles, Granola Pots and Protein Bars, Porridge and Cereals.

Educational organisations across the country utilize equipment like the Shopper 2 Fresh Food Vendor and the Studio 380 Fresh Food Vending Machine to provide healthy options to students and parents who are becoming ever more conscious of the importance of a good diet. Vending Machines like the Bev Max 2 Cold Drinks Vending Machine and the Otis Cold Drinks Vending Machine help provide water, milk and juices ensuring refreshment for sport and extra-curricular activities. Tabletop coffee machines like the WMF 1000! Coffee Machine, the AP Studio Bean to Cup and the Lioness Nescafe Tabletop are a big favourite in refectories and staff canteens.