Fresh Food/Healthy Vending

Executive Vending – specialize in the provision of cost neutral fully operated vending solutions. Our concepts offer a full range of state of the art machines, utilizing a superb range of high quality products individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our cost neutral catering concept elevates conventional vending to the next level. This new standard in vending is achieved by providing clients with exceptional value, quality products and unparalleled customer support.

Cost Neutral Catering, the benefits –

  • Providing a full vending service for staff canteens, call centres and other workplace locations, can eliminate expensive 24/7 catering.
  • Having a reliable vending solution provides great convenience especially outside normal working hours such as night-time or weekends.
  • Time constraints and poor weather make a reliable vending solution a welcome alternative to a trip to the shop.
  • A comprehensive vending solution can cater for all the staff, as well as providing convenient refreshments for visitors, in-house conferences and training sessions.
  • The provision of healthy fresh food, drinks and snacks is an excellent way to instil staff morale and increase productivity.