Cold Drinks Vending Product Examples



Executive Vending lets you choose – As we are not affiliated to any brand we can offer an unlimited range of can, bottle and tetra pack beverages. In consultation with our customers we can accommodate any requests for new or existing products to enhance our offering.

Healthy options such as Juices, Smoothies and Vitamin Drinks are incorporated into our range which includes a comprehensive selection of well-known favourites. We stock some of the best known brands.

Chilled Bottles and Cans Vending Machines

Refreshment at the touch of a button – Or latest ranges of cold drinks vending machines combine green, energy saving efficiency with superior function technology and reliability.

Concerned about energy consumption? Ultra efficient energy control features limit power consumption.

  • Low energy LED lighting ensures long life and low energy illumination.
  • Timed events – Smart Vend technology can automatically turn of the machine at night-time and weekends.
  • Triple-glazing machine front and foam-injected cabinet walls reduces energy requirements of refrigeration unit.

One-Stop Refreshment! Glass/plastic beverage bottles and cans along with tetra-pack smoothies and yogurt drinks are dispensed using a unique elevator system.  This system combines dispensing theatre with a smooth delivery, ensuring no agitation or fizzing of drinks.

Glass fronted, unbranded cold drink vending machines provide limitless product selection. Most popular brands including all varieties of energy drinks and water can be dispensed. Healthy and nutritional options are included to complete the range.