Snack Vending Machines



The SnackPoint range of snack and snack/bottle combination vending machines are designed with the demands of a modern 24 hour/7 day work environment in mind. Thermostat temperature controlled cabinets ensure consistent chilled snack and drink product delivery every time regardless of location. .

  • Optical product sensor Sure-Vend Detector guaranteed delivery system fitted as standard
  • Anti-theft trim cabinets with machine sizes to fit any location
  • Mix and match combination promotions available, e.g. drink and snack discount
  • Cereal and nutrition bars, sandwiches and wraps, biscuits and deserts combinations
  • Go cashless – VendPro cashless payment eliminates the need for pocket change. VendPro is a flexible smartcard payment system that ensures a safe and efficient service to organizations and companies
  • No restriction to brands – The SnackPoint glass fronted vending machine range delivers an unlimited variety of snacks and confectionary, bottles and cans


Conscious of on-site energy consumption? Super-efficient energy control features reduce power usage.

  • Running cost is reduced by long-life LED lighting system ensuring low energy illumination.
  • Timed events technology – Smart-Vend operation system can automatically switch of the vending machine over the weekend and in the evenings.

Triple-glazing for optimum machine insulation and reduced refrigeration usage.